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Friday, May 27, 2011


For makan2 at hubby's office =)
25pcs S size choc flava + fondant n buttercream topping + decorated with buttercream, edible image, gumpaster figurines n alphabets.

in da packaging =)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


7" fondant choc cake decorated with gumpaste figures

36 pcs mini size cuppies- fondant + buttercream topping

* thanx a lot Pn Dila for da order =)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

birthday cuppies for aboh

details: M size cuppies, choc flava, deco with buttercream + gumpaste alphabets n flowers

liverpool fan

details: 16pcs M size choc flava cuppies, deco with fondant + buttercream + edible image + gumpaste alphabets

princess birthday cake

details: 9" round choc fondant cake, with gumpaste deco

edible image, buttecream deco and fondant cupcakes

for makan2 famili.
details: 16 ocs S size cup, choc flava, deco: buttercream+edible image+fondant n gumpaste

Da New Chapter of Me @ SUGARFLOURS

It started on friday, 6.5.11, i'd attended a-3hrs cupcakes class at sugarflours bangi after bought a very goood voucher at

alhamdulillah am so grateful of His blessings, been given opportunity to learn something very precious, very close to my heart.

feel free to enjoy my sweet treasures:

my masterpiece- da first 6 babies =)

thinking of my great mum while doing this piece~ specially dedicated for her on Mother's Day 2011 =)

and my special thanks goes to da sweet lovely qualified instructors, put and ju =)

been certified by Sugarflours Academy, insyaAllah i'll enhance my skill by keep on baking and decorating. looking forward to place ur order? dun hesitate to contact me ya.
oso open for beginner cupcake class, email me for further details at